Perhaps you have clicked on this page because you are looking for an answer to the pain in your life. The cause of the pain in our lives can be many different things. It can be physical abuse as depicted in the video, emotional abuse, or something else that is personal to us.

Whatever the reason, we are thankful that you are here and we would feel so privileged if we can help you find an answer to the pain you are living with. Maybe you were reminded of an event in your life as you watched the video and the pain of that experience has re-surfaced. If that is you then please read on. It is important that we realize we are not always responsible for the things that happen to us in life but we are always responsible for how we deal with them.

A family member, or a marriage breakdown might have caused your problems, or maybe it is something in your past that you prefer to forget. The problem is you find yourself rehearsing the cause of your pain every time a name is mentioned.

Often times when we get to that place in our lives where we feel like giving up and that there is no point in even trying to change the way we feel. Does this mean you have to live with this pain for the rest of your life? Well, we have some good news for you. It does not have to be this way. There is more to life than the constant pain and depression you experience every time you rehearse the event that has brought you to this page.

There is a God who cares deeply about you; even more than you do, and He wants you to know His love and His forgiveness for all the things you've done wrong in your life. As you receive forgiveness from God you will also receive the strength and desire to forgive those who have offended you. That sets you free from the pain of the past and enables you to live a new life, which you can discover in Jesus.

If you scroll further down you’ll see a short video that explains the good news of Jesus. He was sent by God to earth to save you and even rescue you from yourself, when you put your trust in Him you receive a brand new start, the old has gone and the new has come.

Today can be the first day of the rest of your life.

There is much confusion about what God is truly like and also what He wants for us, but perhaps its best to say that God is loving, and ultimately, He wants you to experience His love. However, love is a funny word isn't it? We say we love ice-cream and also that we love our parents, but we obviously don't mean the same thing. We say that love must be tough, or that true love is hard to find, or maybe it's a feeling in our heart, but we use the word so often that we really don't know what it means anymore.

The Bible says that God is love, and because He loved us so much, He sent His own son Jesus to die for us. But why would he do that? Why would we need that? You don't have to look far from home, wherever that is, to see that the world is not perfect. In fact, in many ways it's hateful and violent. We take advantage of one another, hurt people we 'love' and are guilty of doing things we know are not okay. If you think about it, we aren't the kind of people who deserve love; we actually deserve judgement. The news of the gospel is that while we deserve to be judged, God sent His Son Jesus, who lived a perfect life, was killed by crucifixion and rose from the dead. By doing this, He accepted the judgement that was meant for us. If we choose to accept that He has taken our blame, we can be set free from the consequences of our sinfulness. Now, if there was ever a definition of love, that is it.

Having considered your own need for God's unconditional love, would you like to put your trust in Jesus today?